Denmark – No full freedom of speech!

17 November, 2009

Today Denmark is having their local and regional election! Somewhere I read, that more than 500.000 people still don’t know what

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party to vote on. Well in a few minutes we will know. At the same time there is a debate going on in Media-Denmark. On what level freedom of speech is today and where will it be tomorrow? The Ombudsman is defending the right for politicians in Parliament to hold closed negotiations with other political collegues. The calendars at the different Ministry departments should not be open to journalists and so on. When I read about this poroposal, now at the hand of a law-desition-making in the Danish Parliament, I suddenly feel a chill. Here we are in a country closely related to Scandinavian traditions of Democracy. And from my Swedish horizon, I can sense a move backward, instead of forward. In a world, where openness is advocated even from the mouth of the American President, visiting China, I now hear the voice from the nabouring country of Denmark, where highly regarded people in Parliament want to close the doors towards the puplic! This is to me utterly WRONG! I really hope, the proposal fails and that Denmark will learn something from its close nabour in the north! While being inventor of viagra in Denmark I also pharmacy online do feel the Media climate is as tough as ever before. Primarily, I am speaking of the financial situation. This, on the other hand affects journalism and the possibility of moving forward in the media evolution. Talking to some collegues of mine, I hear that managers within the Media in Denmark fear a very very icy 2010. The big danger is of course, the easiness to tear down something you once built and the huge difficult task to try and build something up afterwards! And here, I have to admit, Denmark is not the only place where bad advertisement-economy is haunting us. And it would be interesting to hear, who is actually coming up with the final GOOD solution to this situation! Yes! Who is?

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