Management in difficult times

9 November, 2009

Today I had a discussion with a friend and collegue. Our topic was the current situation with in the Swedish media business. The buy generic viagra world is facing a crisis financially, and this is not excluding the media world. Almost every week now, we do face the fact, that a media house is cutting down on personel.

Advertisement is a majour 20 milligram cialis factor, where almost everyone in business is loosing up to 30% of income from adds. Devastating and dangerous for those who want to survive.

And in many cases this means reorganisation of Newsrooms, concentration of recourses and implementation of new ways of taking viagra at 30 managing the Newsrooms. In difficult times there should be time online pharmacy canada oxycodone to reflect, to find new ways to lead and manage, to be creative! Maybe some of the high executives and people in charge should use some money and resources to modernize management thinking and use time on how to really be effective in management in change!

This could online cialis be the best investment for the future ever!


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