Media Management is a question of trust

23 November, 2009

So many times throughout the years, I have been faced with people and  organisations, where trust is non existant.

Once again it struck me, that in an organisation there has to be a solid ground for trust between partners in management, between management and employees and between a company and its customers. Whether you sell a car or journalism, trust is a crucial point to achieve success.

Without revealing any secrets from my coaching clients during the past ten or fifteen years, I have to say that this is haunting a lot of them.

The question is, how to find a more trustworthy common ground to work from and where we can go through a working process without suspicion and distrust?

My short answer to this is for everyone to be open minded, listen to what your collegues are actually saying, don’t make a decition without having the facts and all opinions on the table. And be open with your own thoughts and believes, showing respect and acceptance for differences in opinion. And be honest! Not only towards others, but to yourself!

This is a good beginning on the path towards trust!

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