The importance of a vision, strategy and goal

5 November, 2009

Today I was once again reminded of the lack, that is evident at many media houses. Far to little time and emphasize is put on carving out a vision,

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strategy and a goal for the business. A good friend of mine, Mark Olsson, was helping out in my work with the Media bosses from Kaukasus. Among many things in his lecture, he also told the participants about the internal magazine for the working people at Swedish prisons. A magazine, which

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recently won a prestigeous prize for being the best paper in Sweden for internal use.

Mark showed the design work behind the paper, the hard work to make the paper as modern and attractive as possible. And he also talked a lot about focusing on planning. Without a management, who wants to define what is the best for this magazine, without focusing on what the readers think about, the product will not work for me, without focusing on how to organize impact and staff. In other words; there will never be a full success.

So to me it was full happiness to see, that my own vision of what is good for the Media business was told by Mark via this simple but effective story, called “Runt i Krim”. What a good day it has been!

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