There is always hope

15 November, 2009

After having spent two weeks together with Media Managers from Caucasia some daily problems of my own really tend to be minor! The media situation in this part of the world ga board of pharmacy is so di9fferent from ours and I keep wondering if anything of my management tools azulfidine will ever help? When we concluded our time together, and I asked them what they might be able to bring back and use in Tjetjenia, Dagestan, Ingusjia or Northossesia I was astonished by their answer: – We will go, canadian pharmacy,, cialis tablets, can you buy cialis over the counter, viagra24onlinepharmacy, soma online pharmacy

back home and vasotec make small changes together with some big ones. For instance, we will try and implemet coaching in the Newsroom, open up for better meetings with much more respect for each other and try to be much more constructive in our feedback. To me this was like wonderful music and one day I hope to receive a message, where they confirm, that their dreams have become true. Together with my group from Caucasia I visited Norrköpings Tidningar, which was a very interesting experience. Expecially, while listening to Bengt Engvall, who talked about Eyetracking and how consumers of Newspapers, really read the papers! One day I will return to this topic. Tomorrow is the first day in the rest of our lives!

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