Sweden two steps away from Heaven, again…

23 July, 2013

Pia Sundhage, the Swedish coach, is very close to reach yet another success with a female national soccer-team! For many years, I believed, that she would never be accepted in Sweden, purely because she was so “un-Swedish”! At least the image of her was, that she was a non-conformist, a woman finding her own pavements to walk, a woman far away from the Swedish compromise-society.
Pia Sundhage has proved she is anything but this. One only has to read her excellent book “Spela på bästa boll” and it is very clear, what an excellent coach and manager she is!
Pia Sundhage loves the individuals, the stars in her team! But she loves the team as a whole as much! And here brilliance is to make a team out of individuals! She proved it in the US and she proves it in Sweden!
Pia Sundhage will receive one more Trophy this coming weekend, rest assure! And remember; she has only had half a year to work with this team!
We should all be proud of this woman, who started her career in the tiny little village, called Marbäck! After visiting this place this past weekend, I am still amazed and thrilled!
Pia Sundhage proved the American Dream; If you want to reach the sky, Marbäck is obstacle! It is just the beginning on the tough path to complete success!
I bow my head in full respect and admiration!

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