There is always hope

15 November, 2009

After having spent two weeks together with Media Managers from Caucasia some daily problems of my own really tend to be minor! The media situation in this part of the world ga board of pharmacy is so di9fferent from ours and I keep wondering if anything of my management tools azulfidine will ever help? When we concluded our time together, and I asked them what they might be able to bring back and use in Tjetjenia, Dagestan, Ingusjia or Northossesia I was astonished by their answer: – We will go, canadian pharmacy,, cialis tablets, can you buy cialis over the counter, viagra24onlinepharmacy, soma online pharmacy

back home and vasotec make small changes together with some big ones. For instance, we will try and implemet coaching in the Newsroom, open up for better meetings with much more respect for each other and try to be much more constructive in our feedback. To me this was like wonderful music and one day I hope to receive a message, where they confirm, that their dreams have become true. Together with my group from Caucasia I visited Norrköpings Tidningar, which was a very interesting experience. Expecially, while listening to Bengt Engvall, who talked about Eyetracking and how consumers of Newspapers, really read the papers! One day I will return to this topic. Tomorrow is the first day in the rest of our lives!

Management in difficult times

9 November, 2009

Today I had a discussion with a friend and collegue. Our topic was the current situation with in the Swedish media business. The buy generic viagra world is facing a crisis financially, and this is not excluding the media world. Almost every week now, we do face the fact, that a media house is cutting down on personel.

Advertisement is a majour 20 milligram cialis factor, where almost everyone in business is loosing up to 30% of income from adds. Devastating and dangerous for those who want to survive.

And in many cases this means reorganisation of Newsrooms, concentration of recourses and implementation of new ways of taking viagra at 30 managing the Newsrooms. In difficult times there should be time online pharmacy canada oxycodone to reflect, to find new ways to lead and manage, to be creative! Maybe some of the high executives and people in charge should use some money and resources to modernize management thinking and use time on how to really be effective in management in change!

This could online cialis be the best investment for the future ever!


The importance of a vision, strategy and goal

5 November, 2009

Today I was once again reminded of the lack, that is evident at many media houses. Far to little time and emphasize is put on carving out a vision,

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strategy and a goal for the business. A good friend of mine, Mark Olsson, was helping out in my work with the Media bosses from Kaukasus. Among many things in his lecture, he also told the participants about the internal magazine for the working people at Swedish prisons. A magazine, which

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recently won a prestigeous prize for being the best paper in Sweden for internal use.

Mark showed the design work behind the paper, the hard work to make the paper as modern and attractive as possible. And he also talked a lot about focusing on planning. Without a management, who wants to define what is the best for this magazine, without focusing on what the readers think about, the product will not work for me, without focusing on how to organize impact and staff. In other words; there will never be a full success.

So to me it was full happiness to see, that my own vision of what is good for the Media business was told by Mark via this simple but effective story, called “Runt i Krim”. What a good day it has been!

Coaching – a way to live your life

2 November, 2009

After many years of management work and consulting others, I decided to try and find something to inspire my own life a little extra. I found “Coach companion”, a new friend with a lot of new impact to me professionally and in private. It is a company, which has delivered a course with so many new aspects to what I usually do, and therefore has enlightened my whole

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being right now. To be able to focus on the future, to make a dream come true, to understand the positive side of life and to find a method to make others grow with a little help from me! This is true happiness. Right now I am focusing on eleven Management people from different Media-places in Tjetjenia, Dagestan, Ingusjia and North Ossesia. My main object is to try and give them some good management tools, to bring back home and

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hopefully make their daily life a little more positive. They all live a very different life in comparizon to us in Sweden and in the west. Still they are full of spirit, eager to learn and quite optimistic. So what better base coulde there be, than using for instance Coaching as a Management tool?! I am positive, that this will make

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a difference. Today I received feedback from people in Belarus, who I worked with a year ago. They still remember what they learned from me and especially coaching as a method for the Newsroom environment. I really felt warm hearted, to hear from my former “students” and suddenloy remembered something from the course last week: Never forget to praise, when someone has done something good! And tell that person also, why you like him/her so much or what he/she is doing!!


29 October, 2009

Usually it takes nine months for a woman to be pregnant, before she delivers. The process of delivering a new web site has only taken a few months and now is birth day!

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I would apprechiate it very much, if you would like to comment on what you see and read. Every once in a while I will also write about things, situations and thoughts on things, that could be of interest also to others. My focus

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will be on Media, Media Management, but also ethics and other areas, which I viagra online cheap find specifically interesting in a cheap generic viagra time full of change! Hope you enjoy and add to discussions and democracy Peter