The important question

10 December, 2009

This week I have been working a lot with people on how to become a better

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“feedbacker”. While working with Management- and middle management people, I have discussed the question, which is so important, but so seldom asked. Why is it so common, that an assignment is handed over from the boss to the employee with the expectation, that the result will be exactly the way the boss wanted it to be? And why does it fail over and over again? Well, in my opinion there is an important question lacking in this process. We usually are quite good at

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finding out, that someone wants to do the job and that the person has the right qualifications do get on with it. Usually there is also an understanding, what resources are needed to fulfill this work. But then….. To really make sure you are on the same level with each other and that you are really in agreement, the manager/editor should ask the employee HOW he/she is going to fulfill the assignment! The answer to the question “Why” guarantees an understanding, an agreement and a result, which could free essay and research paper dissertation writing help iphone spy software spy on cell phone text messages for free online spy cell phone spy camera for phone

be measured and feedbacked upon. With quality! I only wish this question would be asked more often in the journalistic business!

When politicians meet in Copenhagen

6 December, 2009

This coming week leaders from almost 200 countries meet in Copenhagen to try and find a long lasting solution to the so called “Climate crizis”. Let us pretend the top political leaders were to have paring coaching sessions. In the end they will of course meet all together and reveal some of the most astonishing things they have experienced during this session. First the basic rules: Each and every one of them would have to put everything aside, that they might have in their mind at this specific moment. No thoughts on what others might think right now at home, no thoughts on sportsresults, no thoughts on private matters. A complete focuse on how to solve this crizis. Now, they will have to listen very actively on their counterparts/collegues. No interruption. Just simply listen to the other. And when time comes, they will get the opportunity to ask intelligent, open questions, so that they understand all the details and arguments even better, and so that they get canadian pharmacy lakeland fl all perspectives on the table and in their own mind, before moving on. Now imagine, they will not leave the forthcoming group session, before they have buy levitra agreed upon certain steps that have to be taken,

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after this meeting is over. They will sign a treaty including these steps and they will then turn to the people of the world giving a promise to act upon this egreement. Now, if only leaders of # top weight tracker app android # # buy essay online # # sms tracker # cheap essay # buy essay # download call gps sms tracker (free)

the world would use coaching as a forceful tool, before they make important decisions, I am positive, that we will get on the right path to a better and more safe and clean world, than we have ever experiencedbefore. We can only hope for the best!

Media Management is a question of trust

23 November, 2009

So many times throughout the years, I have been faced with people and  organisations, where trust is non existant.

Once again it struck me, that in an organisation there has to be a solid ground for trust between partners in management, between management and employees and between a company and its customers. Whether you sell a car or journalism, trust is a crucial point to achieve success.

Without revealing any secrets from my coaching clients during the past ten or fifteen years, I have to say that this is haunting a lot of them.

The question is, how to find a more trustworthy common ground to work from and where we can go through a working process without suspicion and distrust?

My short answer to this is for everyone to be open minded, listen to what your collegues are actually saying, don’t make a decition without having the facts and all opinions on the table. And be open with your own thoughts and believes, showing respect and acceptance for differences in opinion. And be honest! Not only towards others, but to yourself!

This is a good beginning on the path towards trust!

Denmark – No full freedom of speech!

17 November, 2009

Today Denmark is having their local and regional election! Somewhere I read, that more than 500.000 people still don’t know what

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party to vote on. Well in a few minutes we will know. At the same time there is a debate going on in Media-Denmark. On what level freedom of speech is today and where will it be tomorrow? The Ombudsman is defending the right for politicians in Parliament to hold closed negotiations with other political collegues. The calendars at the different Ministry departments should not be open to journalists and so on. When I read about this poroposal, now at the hand of a law-desition-making in the Danish Parliament, I suddenly feel a chill. Here we are in a country closely related to Scandinavian traditions of Democracy. And from my Swedish horizon, I can sense a move backward, instead of forward. In a world, where openness is advocated even from the mouth of the American President, visiting China, I now hear the voice from the nabouring country of Denmark, where highly regarded people in Parliament want to close the doors towards the puplic! This is to me utterly WRONG! I really hope, the proposal fails and that Denmark will learn something from its close nabour in the north! While being inventor of viagra in Denmark I also pharmacy online do feel the Media climate is as tough as ever before. Primarily, I am speaking of the financial situation. This, on the other hand affects journalism and the possibility of moving forward in the media evolution. Talking to some collegues of mine, I hear that managers within the Media in Denmark fear a very very icy 2010. The big danger is of course, the easiness to tear down something you once built and the huge difficult task to try and build something up afterwards! And here, I have to admit, Denmark is not the only place where bad advertisement-economy is haunting us. And it would be interesting to hear, who is actually coming up with the final GOOD solution to this situation! Yes! Who is?

There is always hope

15 November, 2009

After having spent two weeks together with Media Managers from Caucasia some daily problems of my own really tend to be minor! The media situation in this part of the world ga board of pharmacy is so di9fferent from ours and I keep wondering if anything of my management tools azulfidine will ever help? When we concluded our time together, and I asked them what they might be able to bring back and use in Tjetjenia, Dagestan, Ingusjia or Northossesia I was astonished by their answer: – We will go, canadian pharmacy,, cialis tablets, can you buy cialis over the counter, viagra24onlinepharmacy, soma online pharmacy

back home and vasotec make small changes together with some big ones. For instance, we will try and implemet coaching in the Newsroom, open up for better meetings with much more respect for each other and try to be much more constructive in our feedback. To me this was like wonderful music and one day I hope to receive a message, where they confirm, that their dreams have become true. Together with my group from Caucasia I visited Norrköpings Tidningar, which was a very interesting experience. Expecially, while listening to Bengt Engvall, who talked about Eyetracking and how consumers of Newspapers, really read the papers! One day I will return to this topic. Tomorrow is the first day in the rest of our lives!