Sommerstein Consulting helps you as an individual or you as a company or group to develop and become better in what you do today.

Well known methods

As a consultant for managers, middle managers and organisations I can offer solutions for individual help and for different kinds of organisations. It is actually about deciding the goal and then I will help you find the path and then reach this goal.

Managing change

The world is in a constant stage of change. I make an effort trying to understand it.

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The main purpose with my coaching is helping you helping your self.

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Feedback must be a constructive and analytical tool for you.

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Creative processes

You will be offered some tools to become more qualified in your idea-work.

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It is easy to have constructive, effective talks and meetings.

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Peter Sommerstein

After more than 30 year in Media, as a journalist, reporter and manager on all levels, I have loads of knowledge. I am used to try and be tried.

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My words are blogging worth

My blog will hopefully interest, engage and sometimes upset. I often blog during my professional trips around the world. Sometimes I focus on professional topics, sometimes the blogs are purely private discoveries and opinions.

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